About Snapio

Our goal is to bring more joy to the world! We believe the most cherished moments happen when people get together and share their moment of happiness. The spirit of fun remains at our core, and we are committed to creating memorable experiences for our customers.

We’re also loved by big brands. We collaborate with remarkable retailers, partner with premium shopping malls, and fuel more fun at events such as wedding banquets, annual dinners, and other milestone celebrations. Elevate your destination or event experience with a collective photo experience that fits your brand to boost your presence and human engagement.

How it all began..

Snapio was an idea born out of nostalgic memories and the realisation that photo booths had vanished over the years in Hong Kong. Inspired by the magical land of photo booths, Korea, where they remain hugely popular, our founders decided it was time to bring this experience back to Hong Kong but make it bigger and better than ever!


Snapio made its first Hong Kong appearance in



By 2021, Snapio was featured at 14 locations across Hong Kong and Taiwan.


What makes us special?

From our most popular Selfie Booth to our private photoshooting sessions, Snapio offers a range of services to suit any occasion or destination. To keep things fun and entertaining, we channel our team’s energy and dynamism to continuously provide for our customers.

We Remain Innovative

There’s always something we’re working on.. Stay tuned!

We Are Accessible

Convenient locations, affordable prices, invaluable memories.